Our Approach

At Janney we serve our clients in the areas of Investment Services, Financial Planning and Wealth Management. Regardless of which service area a client desires to focus on, we follow a 4-step process to creating a successful financial plan.

Our approach incorporates each investor's current lifestyle and their aspirations for the future.  Although it is impossible to predict every life event that may occur, we are dedicated to creating a prudent and sustainable financial plan. 

Step 1. Personal Review
In order to plan for your future, we have to understand your goals. After a series of fact-finding questions, we will be able to provide the appropriate recommendations for your financial situation.

Step 2. Asset Allocation & Portfolio Planning
After the initial assessment, our team of professionals will establish a strategy that meets your individual needs. The plan will incorporate your lifestyle needs, as well as any future planning that you and your family need to consider, such as retirement, education savings, and estate planning.

Step 3. Implementation 
We will then use the resources available at Janney to help you fully implement a plan that is satisfactory to you.  We believe in taking the time to discuss and explain each aspect of your plan and portfolio.  It is essential that you understand, and are comfortable with your financial plan and the investments that will structure your portfolio.

Step 4. Monitoring & Reporting
Communication helps build strong relationships. As your life changes, so will your investments.  We are prepared to serve you through every stage of life and will monitor your portfolio to meet your changing needs.  As adjustments are necessary, we will be ready with alternatives in order to continue to serve as your sole trusted advisor.